Innovative Packaging and Crating Solutions - (IPCS)

About Us

Innovative Packaging and Crating Solutions (IPCS) is a leader in the design and manufacturing of ISPM 15 certified wood crates, boxes, and custom pallets.  We are located in East Tennessee, a short distance from I-75 and I-40.

The current economic climate has challenged businesses like never before.  Rising costs and market volatility have resulted in a constant search for the most cost effective means to achieve end goals while maintaining daily operations.  With over 40+ years of experience, we have worked with businesses of all types and sizes to offer logistical options pertaining to packaging,  pallet and crating requirements.  Our goal is to help companies reach the next level of customer satisfaction by insuring products reach their destination in the same condition as when they left their facility.

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Innovative Packaging and Crating Solutions, LLC

175 County Lane, Jacksboro, Tennessee 37757, United States

(423) 494-7335